Elevate Your Business 10-Feb-2014


Welcome to the first fortnightly edition of “Elevate Your Business”, a compilation of articles, news and information selected specifically for Australian SME business owners and managers, to elevate your understanding, passion, differentiation and of course… to raise the bar for SME Payroll and HR compliance.

The abundance of resources in each edition will provide more business improvement ideas than many of us would ever have the time to work through each between editions.

Please give us feedback and ask all the questions you want on payroll and HR, so we can you the answers you are searching for.

Enjoy the read and I truly hope you find inspiration!

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What Fair Work Needs Us To Know

The National Anti-Bullying Laws commenced on 1 January 2014.

An employer can ask their employees to work on a public holiday if the request is reasonable.  So what’s reasonable?

What happens when a business changes owners? Understanding your obligations to Transfer Employee Entitlements.

Plus in other government news… New Australian Privacy Laws & Credit Reporting Changes… are you prepared?

Hot HR Topic – Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD as it’s commonly known, refers to the practice of employees using their own personal devices for work purposes – such as laptops, smartphones and PDA’s.

While cost and other practical operational benefits exist, there are multiple risks for businesses that participate in any form of BYOD including IT security, data security, intellectual property protection.

BYOD Security Advice from Australian Signals Directorate

BYOD Trend Has Risks, But Benefits Too

Embrace BYOD and Manage The Risks

Payroll Compliance

The Australian Taxation System places the onus on employers to apply and pay the correct taxation on behalf of employees.  The two major areas of misunderstanding that I’ve witnessed in my consulting career are:

How to Compliantly Manage & Interpret an Employee’s Tax File Declaration form

Correctly identifying taxable and non taxable employee payments.

Even in the corporate world, payroll officers with years of experience are getting it wrong.  Review each of your current non-taxable payment types with against ATO Table 1 and ATO Table 2 to ensure you are correctly calculating PAYG.

One of the most common errors is untaxed Travel Allowance… unless the employee has an ATO issued PAYG Tax Withholding Variation or there is a documented exemption… it is fully taxable.

Should your business face an ATO audit and employees are identified as being taxed non-compliantly, your business is liable to pay the tax owed and the associated fines, not the employee.


Are you paying compliantly?  I’m ever amazed at the volume of employers who are incorrectly paying SGC… both under and over-paying.  The Professional Payroll Manager can perform a quick and simple review of your payment types to ensure your business is paying correctly.  Contact us to discuss it.

Check out ATO advice on changes to Employer Superannuation and SMSF’s

Benefits of a Self Managed Super Fund

Super Opportunity for Small Business Owners

Salary Packaging

What is Salary Packaging?

The No. 1 Unknown Consequence of Salary Packaging Your Employees Need to Know About

Brand Your Business

10 Ways To Build Your Personal Brand

25 Rules for Leaders: Building a Great Brand, Business, and Company Culture

Build Your Business

Entrepreneurs versus Business Owners… how & why the two are very different, according to a new study

Why Building Authority is Critical to Your Personal Brand & Business Success

Kick It on Social Media

17 LinkedIn Profile Must Haves

How to Write Your Social Media Plan in 8 Steps

Brilliant Ideas for a Creative Facebook Cover Photo

Provide Stand Out Service

Fix Your Perception Points to Improve Customer Service Quality

Everyone agrees customer service is important. But just how important is it?

Whose Customer Is It, Anyway? 3 Ways to Balance Individual & Organisational Roles

Develop As a Leader

5 Biggest Hiring Mistakes Leaders Make

Ten Ways to Prepare for a Tough Negotiation

Top 10 Ways to Ensure Your Best People Will Quit

10 Tips For First-Time Supervisors

Build an Awesome Team

Making Them Feel Like They Matter

How To Create a Shared Vision That Works

Use Your Time Wisely

The Power Of “No” For Entrepreneurs: Tips For Reclaiming Your Time

10 Time Management Tips That Work

Business Writing Essentials

7 Tips for Better Business Writing

How to Write a Speech

Sell Like a Master

So You Want to Be a Trusted Advisor?

4 Critical Questions to Outsmart Your Competition

Stay Tuned to Your Small Business Minister on Twitter

Senator Nick Sherry, Federal @SenNickSherry

John Banks MP, ACT @JohnBanksPR

Katrina Hodgknson, NSW @KatrinaHoddy

David Tollner MP, NT @DavidTollner

Jann Stuckey MP, QLD @JannStuckeyMP

Tom Kenyon MP, SA @TomKenyonMP

Rebecca White MP, TAS @bec_white

Bruce Billson MP, VIC @BruceBillsonMP

Liza Harvey MLA, WA @LizaHarveyMLA

Useful Government Links for Small Business

Learn more about The Australian Small Business Commissioner, whose role is to represent small business interests and concerns to the Australian Government.  They have a great blog with articles such as How Your Local Council Can Help.


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