Elevate Your Business 03-Mar-14


Welcome to “Elevate Your Business”, a compilation of articles, news and information selected specifically for Australian SME business owners and managers, to elevate your understanding, passion, differentiation and of course… to raise the bar for SME Payroll and HR compliance.

Another fortnight has passed by so quickly, but here’s a host of new links to thought leaders and pro’s on business, leadership, marketing and more.

May you be encouraged to take a few more steps forward in elevating your business!

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What Fair Work Needs Us To Know

A Fair Work Amendment Bill tabled in Parliament will see employers able to trade penalty rates for increased flexibility, as foreshadowed last week. Read the full Smart Company article

Fair Work Australia’s responses to the 3 most common workplace myths

Another Workplace myth: I’m a ‘permanent casual’. There is no such thing!

Employers have to give all employees a pay slip within 1 working day of their pay day, even when they’re on leave

FWA fact sheet on employment entitlements during natural disasters or emergencies

ACCC Guidelines for Online Testimonials

ACCC has released new guidelines to curb the practice businesses publishing false or misleading online testimonials with penalties of up to $1.1million.

The practice of providing incentives to customers in return for favourable reviews and the practice of deleting unfavourable reviews are two key risk areas for business.

Download the What You Need to Know About Online Reviews guide for businesses and review providers to ensure you comply.

Hot Topic – Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Business Process Outsourcing or BPO as it is commonly referred to relates to all non core business processes that can be outsourced to a third party provider, such as payroll, accounts, salary packaging, HR management, recruitment and many more.

If in-house payroll processing is driving you crazy and you are considering outsourcing or buying into an online product… there are a few important things you should consider before signing up.

I wrote an article for corporate payrollers on how to compete against outsourced payroll providers, which has some key points of consideration for smaller businesses when it comes to the “all-so-amazing” benefits that will be sold to you.  If you are considering outsourcing your payroll (or any part of your business process for that matter), I suggest you read this article first.

Payroll Tax

If you pay payroll tax in more than one state, there is a new Combined States “Payroll Tax Australia” Website to make your search easier.

News from mybusiness.com.au: NSW follows South Australia in payroll tax reform


The advantages and pitfalls in the ATO’s Independent Review process for resolving tax disputes.

What is the ATO Doing to Assist Small Businesses?

Brand Your Business

Top 3 Ways to Make Your Brand Work For YOU

Finance Matters

Are you in the market for an accounting package? Check out this Review of 7 Australian accounting packages for SME’s

Could you afford to lose all of your business’ critical data?

Article – Half of Small Business Owners Will Rely on Pension

Dunn & Bradstreet Small Business Tips – Improving Cash Flow Through Payment Behaviour

Dunn & Bradstreet Small Business Tips – Tips to Relieve Small Business Debt

Business Technology

New Tool Helps Merchants Manage Social Media Marketing… built for eBay, Etsy & Amazon stores

Build Your Business

The Eight Touchpoints of a Customer’s Consideration Phase

Where B2C and B2B Blur

7 Deadly Sins Businesses Make With Their Reputation

The Brilliance of Asking Incredibly Naïve Questions

How to Get Paid Exactly What You’re Worth

What Info Do Consumers Value on Local Business Websites?

Kick It on Social Media

How to Turn Social Chatter Into Sales Leads

How to Write a Professional Bio For Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook & Google+

How to Get Customers to Post Instagram Pictures of Your Products

18 Free Marketing Guides on All Things Social Media

17 Content Marketing Experts Give You Their Best Tips

5 Questions to Help You Tell Your Business Story

How to Find Free Images For Small Business Websites

Provide Stand Out Service

Don’t Make These Common Customer Service Mistakes

What are the 9 Behaviours of Truly Loyal Customers?

Growing Your Business With Service Recovery

Customer Loyalty in the Restaurant Business

Why a Customer Obsessed Culture is About More Than Persona

Develop As a Leader

Be a Leader In Your Industry By Helping Others

The Costs of Poor Management

How to Manage a Team That’s Older Than You

Build an Awesome Team

The Power of Clear Values & a Trusting Environment

The Make-Up of An Ideal Start-Up Employee

11 Great Employee Qualities – Does Your Team Have Them?

Use Your Time Wisely

Unburying Yourself: Advice for the Overloaded

Infographic: How to be Productive

Business Writing Essentials

Email Writing Essentials

How to Write a Proposal

Sell Like a Master

How to Sell More of Anything

How to Plan Your Sales Week


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